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A trial judge for nearly two decades, Judge North is honored to serve you and vigorously uphold your constitutional rights. 


As a judge and before as a lawyer, he has tried hundreds of civil, criminal, and family law trials.

Judge North’s experience is particularly needed by the court at this time because nearly half of the 53 judges on the court have been there for less than four years.  

In a recent King County Bar Association poll, Judge North received “Excellent” and “Very Good” ratings from more than three-quarters of the people who appeared before him for his integrity, impartiality, and legal decision making. ​


He chairs the court’s Local Rules Committee, where his experience is invaluable in remembering the reason for and history of changes to the rules.

Judge North has learned from the law and life that respect, empathy, fortitude, and humility are musts.


Besides his family and the law, he loves river rafting and backpacking and has published a guidebook to Washington’s whitewater rivers.

Please review and join the extensive list of endorsements Judge North has received from those who know him and his work well. Add your name to the growing list today. Compare the candidates’ backgrounds and experiences.


The record speaks for itself: Judge North is the most experienced, balanced, and respected candidate in this race.  


He deserves your vote in November. 


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