About Doug North

About Doug North

Judge Doug North and his wife Lorrie

Doug's wife, Lorrie, works at Swedish-Ballard. They have been married for 34 years and have two adult children. Their children’s interests have led to their support of the Northwest Junior Bagpipe Band. 

Judicial Experience

First elected to the King County Superior Court in 2000, Doug has presided over hundreds of cases in our courthouses in Seattle and Kent. These civil, criminal, and family law cases have involved all the types of disputes that bring citizens to court.



Ingraham High School, 1970

B.A. with Honors in Political Science, Stanford University, 1974

J.D., University of Washington School of Law, 1977


Community Service

 Doug has worked hard to preserve our natural environment for over 35 years, founding the Northwest Rivers Council and serving on the Boards of Washington Wild and River Network.

Doug also co-authored the book "Paddling Washington: 100 Flatwater and Whitewater Routes in Washington State and the Inland Northwest" a guide to 112  routes in rivers, streams, lakes and bays in the Northwest.


Trial and Appellate Experience


Before he was a judge, Doug had a successful trial and appellate practice. Through his work, he has helped to improve the law for a wide cross section of the community.


Below are some of Doug’s clients whose claims he fought for and won. Click the link to read the full opinion on each case.


State v. Grundy, 25 Wn. App. 411 (1980) full opinion


For the accused whose footlocker had been unlawfully searched


In re Puget Power, 28 Wn. App 615 (1981) full opinion


For the homeowners who successfully fought against the arbitrary condemnation of their land by a private power company.


In re Heath Estate, 30 Wn, App 115 (1981) full opinion


For the disabled ward whose bank account was improperly charged for the mistake of the bank acting as both his guardian and the drawee bank.



Campbell v. A. H. Robbins, 32 Wn. App 98 (1982) full opinion


For the woman rendered infertile by an intrauterine device.



Gammon v. Clark Equipment Co. 38 wn. App. 274 (1984) full opinion


For Mrs. Gammon and her disabled son, who were left widowed, when their husband and father was killed by power equipment at his work.



Marriage of Lindsey, 101 Wn. 2d 299 (1984) full opinion


For the woman who had been denied any interest in a barn and shop that she built with her own hands because she was not married to the man on whose property it was built at the time of construction.



American Federal Savings Bank v. McCaffrey, 107 Wn. 2nd 181 (1986) full opinion


For the builder who was fighting foreclosure by his bank.



Dennis v. Dept of Labor & Industries, 109 Wn.2nd 467 (1987) full opinion


For the worker disabled by the repetitive trauma inflicted by his job.



Marriage of Sacco, 114 Wn.2nd 1 (1990) full opinion


For the mother who was not awarded enough child support for her children to live on.


Tapper v. Employment Security, 122 Wn. 2nd 397 (1993) full opinion


For the unemployed worker who was denied unemployment insurance.

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