How are Bar Ratings Generated?

King County Bar Association Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee


Rates candidates for appointment or election to King County Municipal, District, and Superior Courts; and to state appellate courts for contested elections.


The ratings are published for contested elections; they are not published in the case of candidates being rated for appointment.


The evaluation process utilizes a representative body of the King County Bar Association as well as public lay members in its 85-member judicial candidate evaluation committee.


The committee undertakes an objective and comprehensive rating process designed to create a high quality bench and assist the public by providing them with important information on judicial candidates.

Washington Women Lawyers


Produces judicial evaluations for judicial officers statewide. The Judicial Evaluations Committee (JEC) works diligently to produce meaningful evaluations of judicial candidates.

The evaluation goals of WWL are:

  1. To sustain and strengthen the judiciary through the appointment and election of excellent judicial candidates; and

  2. To encourage qualified candidates, sensitive to women’s issues both within the profession and under the law, to seek and obtain positions of responsibility and stature within the legal profession and community in general.

Joint Asian Judicial Evaluation Committee 

The JAJEC evaluates individuals seeking either appointment or election to judicial office. Candidates are evaluated for a variety of judicial positions, including: municipal and district courts, superior courts, superior court commissioner seats, courts of appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court.

The JAJEC does not endorse candidates for judicial office. They evaluate candidates by providing the public with our ratings. 

Latina/o Bar Association of Washington

The Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) is co-chaired by two members of the LBAW Board of Directors. The JEC is a volunteer group comprised of members of the LBAW Board of Directors and the general LBAW membership.


The purpose of the JEC is to preserve the high standards expected of judicial candidates seeking to serve on the bench in the state of Washington. JEC volunteers review application materials, call references, and conduct interviews. 

Judicial elections in Washington State are non-partisan and judicial evaluations are educational in nature. Judicial evaluation ratings are not endorsements.

Q Law Association of Washington

The QLaw Judicial Evaluation Committee exists to ensure that judicial candidates are aware of and consider the issues important to the LGBT community.

They are a statewide organization and ratings are available to the public to educate voters about the candidates. We do not endorse candidates for judicial office.

Cardozo Society of Washington State

The Cardozo Society is the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle’s affinity group for legal professionals and the official Washington State Bar Association minority bar for Jewish lawyers in Washington.


Cardozo Society programming integrates legal and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish and local communities.

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