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July 7, 2020​ / Campaign News

Order your Reelect Judge Doug North Yard Sign today!

Show your support for Doug North by ordering your Yard Sign today. Signs come in 3 sizes. Regular size, Medium (around twice a regular yard sign), Large 8 by 4 feet sign (set up by a work crew). Order your yard sign today through THIS LINK. Signs will be delivered after 4 August.

July 8, 2020​ / Campaign News

Monday 13th July 7pm - Candidate Forum featuring Judge Doug North on KVRU

Rooted in Southeast Seattle, KVRU 105.7 FM broadcasts the diverse voices of the community – providing a platform to share stories, discuss issues, and empower listeners to create a more equitable and just society. Listen live from 7pm to 8.30pm where candidates for King County Superior Court Position 13 and 30 will put their case for your vote. Follow this link to listen live and ask questions on Facebook or tune in to KVRU 105.7FM

June 8, 2020​ / Campaign News

Letter from Presiding Judge, King County Superior Court

Judge Jim Rogers' letter regarding the commitment of the King County Superior Court to ensure that all litigants are treated fairly and respectfully. Full copy of the letter HERE

June 4, 2020​ / Campaign News

Letter from Washington State Supreme Court

Read the letter from Washington State Supreme Court acknowledging the responsibility of the judiciary and the legal profession to eradicate racism in the justice system. Full copy of the letter HERE

May 20, 2020​ / Campaign Statement

Statement on the CJC's Report
on Implicit Bias

In 2015, Judge North was conducting an evidentiary hearing outside the presence of the jury. One tangential issue in the case was whether he should admit a text message, relevant only if the author was a gang-member. The only information provided was the writer's somewhat unusual name. Judge North refused to draw an inference of either gang-membership or ethnicity-based simply on the writer's name. Unfortunately, he went on to make a remark that could be interpreted as implying that gang members were more likely to be black than white. He deeply regrets this. 

When the matter was reviewed by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the report stated that “the overwhelming evidence indicates that the racial bias evidenced in the statement was unintentional "and recognized his outstanding reputation as a judge for fairness and integrity, in part based on testimony before the Commission by leading members of the minority bar. Implicit bias is by definition unintentional. Judge North has attended training to help make him more aware of his unconscious stereotypes and biases. We all have implicit biases. The solution is recognizing them. 


The full opinion of the Commission on Judicial Conduct can be found here.


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